Problem Logging In?

Follow these steps to ensure a correct login to the members section:

1. Your login ID is the six-digit NUMBER you received when you first registered in the program. Examples of a valid Login ID are 018001 or 005129.

2. Password is case sensitive. Check if the password is entered in the appropriate case.

3. After you have entered your username and password please click on the 'Login' button instead of hitting the Enter key on the keyboard.

4. Microsoft(c) Internet Explorer Version 5.0 + OR Netscape(c) Version 6.0 + are the compatible web browsers for this website. Please use these browsers.

5. Your browser must be set to accept cookies, if cookies are disabled the website will not work. Please see the Cookies Page for more information about cookies.

6. Your browser must support SSL as you can only login with SSL.

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