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A cookie is a small piece of information that a website stores in the web browser. The cookie might reside in memory, or it might be placed in a special folder on the hard drive so it can be retrieved by the website. Only the website that sets the cookie can read it.

How we use Cookies.
This website uses cookies to provide interactive and dynamic Web applications. We use cookies only to save your login information so that the SMP Web sites can recognize you. Any cookie that is set will only last through a single session or visit. When you log out and close all open web browsers, the cookies will be removed and will no longer exist.

** If you set browser to disable cookies, SMP Web Site will not work. **"; printRedTableBorderFoot(); ?>

If you share a computer, remember to log out by clicking the "Log Out" link and then closing down your browser completely. Once you log out, all cookies that we store on your computer are deleted to maintain your account's privacy.

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For more information regarding cookies on other browsers including enabling and disabling, please consult your browser documentation.

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